Ready To Pop The Question? Why Your First Choice Should Be A Moissanite Engagement Ring


If you're shopping for an engagement ring, and you've decided on diamonds, take a moment to rethink that decision. There's a new gem on the scene that you'll want to take a look at. Moissanite engagement rings provide all the beauty and elegance you're looking for. In fact, when you choose moissanite, no one will know that it's not a diamond. Here are just four of the many reasons why you should pop the question with a moissanite engagement ring. 

Maximum Sparkle

If you want to make sure that the ring you purchase has maximum sparkle, look no farther than moissanite. One of the benefits of moissanite is that they have a high brilliance level, which provides for a more impressive level of sparkle. Moissanite allows the light to reflect, ensuring a brilliant sparkle for years to come. 

Resistant to Damage

One of the problems with not buying diamonds is that the softer gems are prone to scratches and chips. Any type of damage would undermine the value of the gem. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid damage to soft gems is to avoid wearing them altogether. However, moissanite gems are stronger and more durable, which means they're resistant to the type of damage that can ruin other gems. Your fiancee will be able to wear their ring for all their daily activities without worrying about damage. 

More Ring for the Money

Diamonds can take a big chunk out of your budget. Unfortunately, when you're planning a wedding, it doesn't take much to go over on the budget. One way to save money on the wedding is to choose a smaller ring or a lower-quality gem. Moissanite engagement rings are less expensive than diamonds, which means you can spend the same amount and enjoy a larger, higher-quality gem. Your fiancee won't have to settle for a smaller, low-quality ring, and the wedding budget won't suffer. 

Better for the Environment

If you're concerned about the environment, it's time to look at moissanite engagement rings. You might not realize this, but mining for diamonds has a significant impact on the environment. However, because moissanite gems are grown in a laboratory setting, there's no harm to the environment. Not only that, but because moissanite gems aren't mined, there's no risk that child laborers were used in the mining. 

Don't take chances with the details. If you're about to pop the question, choose the right engagement ring. A moissanite engagement ring provides the maximum beauty, sparkle, and durability you want for your fiancee.

For more information on moissanite rings, contact a jeweler.


14 October 2019

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