How To Effectively Part Ways With Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelry is nice to have because of gold's value, but there may be pieces you no longer wear or even think about. These are the pieces you want to consider selling. As long as you take a measured approach to selling these pieces to buyers, you'll have a streamlined experience.

Keep Estimating Value Until Sale Concludes

The value of gold jewelry can change, even from one day to the next. That's why you want to continue looking up the value of your particular gold jewelry pieces before you find a buyer and they hand over money. Then you can ensure you don't undervalue your pieces. Instead, you'll get an optimal value based on what the gold jewelry market is telling you at the time of your sale. You can estimate gold jewelry by comparing it with current pieces for sale or talk to a professional to evaluate your pieces regularly until the sale is final with a buyer.

Take Jewelry in to be Professionally Inspected for Possible Repairs

If you plan on selling gold jewelry to buyers pretty consistently, then you don't want to do anything that would harm your reputation and make it harder to sell gold jewelry in the future. You can have confidence about your reputation remaining positive by having your pieces inspected by a professional jeweler before they go out to buyers.

The jeweler can review each piece's condition and make repairs if there are problems like scratches or jewels coming out of position. Having these repairs made may make your gold jewelry even more valuable for a better profit.

Thoroughly Explain Your Pieces to Buyers

The only way you're going to get buyers interested in your gold jewelry is if you give them a lot of information on them. They could be spending a lot of money on your pieces so a detailed analysis of what they're getting is always recommended.

Explain to them in detail the history behind these pieces. Tell them where you purchased them, what their value is currently, and the condition that they're in. Including pictures to complement these descriptions too is always a good practice for having better selling success.

Getting rid of gold jewelry that adds nothing to your life is smart for clearing up some space and making some decent money. Structure these deals in a way where you come out on top and totally satisfied with the profit amount. To learn more, contact local gold buyers. 


22 April 2021

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After wearing the same jewelry pieces day after day for years, I realized that a few of my favorite items had developed a significant level of grime. I didn't want to look sloppy, so I started to look into ways to tidy them up. I talked to a friend of mine who knows how to clean everything, and she had some really amazing ideas for cleaning tiny chains and little prongs. This blog is all about the art of cleaning fine jewelry, and even tidying up older costume jewelry pieces. You never know, you might be able to make those older baubles sparkle.