3 Reasons To Invest In Slabbed Coins


Coin collectors must consider many variables when deciding whether or not to purchase a coin for their collection. In addition to the type and quality of the coin, collectors must determine if a raw or slabbed coin is a better choice.

Slabbed coins are encased in a durable plastic cover. Before you make the choice to bypass slabbed coins for their more affordable raw counterparts, consider the many benefits that a slabbed coin offers.

1. Authenticity

Counterfeits are very prevalent within the coin collecting market. Although most collectors are able to spot fakes with relative ease, counterfeiters are getting more and more sophisticated with their duplication techniques.

A slabbed coin will always be authenticated and graded by a third-party organization. By choosing to invest only in slabbed coins, you are ensuring that you don't introduce any counterfeit coins into your collection over time.

2. Value

The price of slabbed coins tends to be higher than the price of raw coins. You might think that foregoing slabbed coins will allow you to build your collection without spending as much money, but the opposite could actually be true.

High-value coins are the ones that counterfeiters tend to reproduce. This means that it's more important than ever to have high-value coins evaluated by an independent appraiser.

It's worth spending the additional money required to obtain a slabbed coin when you know that the value of the coin is guaranteed. If you ever need to sell the coin in the future, the fact that it is slabbed will reassure potential buyers and help you recoup your original investment.

3. Originality

The most valuable coins on the market today are ones that are still in their original state. Collectors in the past often made the mistake of cleaning their coins after making a purchase. Unfortunately, the cleaning process often resulted in a few minor damages. Cleaned coins also lose some of their character, which can detract from the overall value of the coin.

Once a coin has been slabbed, it remains in its original condition. Slabbed coins typically have not been subjected to any cleaning or alterations that could affect their value, which makes slabbed coins highly appealing to experienced collectors.

Slabbed coins can offer a wide range of benefits that raw coins cannot. If you are in the process of building your own coin collection, use slabbed coins to ensure the originality and value of each coin you purchase. Reach out to a coin dealer near you to learn more.


23 November 2021

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