Bringing Brooches To The 21St Century


If you are a collector of vintage gold jewelry, no doubt you have had the opportunity to get your hands on some beautiful brooches. While some may feel as if they are outdated or out of style, there are some fun ways to wear the brooch that are far more fun and flirty than when placed on your grandmother's Sunday suit. If you want to help bring back the brooch as a modern accessory, consider the following tips:

Basic Shoulder Option

In typical fashion, brooches are worn on the shoulder of an outfit, usually a blazer or dress. This does not have to look old fashioned at all if you pair it with a vintage styled outfit. For instance, a striking brooch in a solid gold with little color is gorgeous when paired with a navy pencil dress. Add some bright red lipstick, large round sunglasses, and a sleek up-do, and you can light up any room you walk in. When brooches are paired with solid, deep colors, they become the focal point of the outfit, adding some gleaming flair to an ordinary outfit.


If you want a more modern touch to your ensemble, consider grouping several brooches together. This works especially well if you have brooches in like patterns but not exactly matching. For instance, you may have a collection of colorful daisy brooches that you can group together along the upper shoulder of a top. Pair it with a hounds tooth top or some other neutral, repeating pattern, and you will make a lovely vintage yet modern fashion statement.

Add to Outerwear

If you still are not quite sure how to add a brooch to an outfit, you can still utilize them in your outerwear. This is especially true for smaller, more demure pieces that can resemble a large lapel pin. Place the brooch on the collar of your favorite wool coat. You could also fasten a larger brooch to a scarf to give it some dimension. Think outside of the box when it comes to accessorizing your outer wear.

Turn Brooches Into Necklaces

If you cannot figure out how to incorporate a brooch into an outfit, why not convert it to jewelry? By purchasing a brooch converter kit, you can turn any brooch into a lovely pendant. You have now instantly added many pieces to your jewelry collection. You can also add brooches to existing necklaces, such as long strands of pearls to add some flair to otherwise quiet jewelry.

When you are perusing the jewelry counter, consider adding some brooches into your collection. You can often find them at antique jewelry stores or even flea markets.

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4 April 2016

Cleaning My Jewelry

After wearing the same jewelry pieces day after day for years, I realized that a few of my favorite items had developed a significant level of grime. I didn't want to look sloppy, so I started to look into ways to tidy them up. I talked to a friend of mine who knows how to clean everything, and she had some really amazing ideas for cleaning tiny chains and little prongs. This blog is all about the art of cleaning fine jewelry, and even tidying up older costume jewelry pieces. You never know, you might be able to make those older baubles sparkle.