Engagement Rings To Make Large Hands Look Smaller


Sometimes people with larger hands would prefer an engagement ring that makes their hands look slimmer, or at least doesn't add bulk to their hands. There are several customizations that work well on larger hands.


Before you choose the width of the band, you need to make sure it's the right size. Sometimes a band that is a little snug will dig into the skin and is not only uncomfortable, but it makes the skin above and below the band bulge out. Much like the idea of a "muffin top" for pants, you will want to avoid this with rings. You should aim for a ring width that is somewhere in the middle. Often thin bands are more likely to create the illusion of the band digging into your finger, whereas thick bands appear bulkier on larger hands, making them look larger. There is no particular metal that will make your hands appear smaller, but you may want to choose the metal based on what color flatters your skin tone the most.


The setting can make a significant difference in how a ring looks on your hand. Generally, settings that are more complex will make your hands look smaller. A simple solitaire ring is not a good option because it doesn't offer any distraction from hand or finger size. Halo rings are one good option because it has a ring of diamonds around the center stone. There are also variations of the halo. A double halo has two concentric rings of stones around the center stone. A twisted halo gives the band a braided look. Settings that are more angular and less round can be helpful. For example, a ring with accent stones that make the center stone look stretched horizontally across the finger is another excellent option.


The center stone is the most influential in the appearance of the ring, especially if the ring is a solitaire. Often center stones with straight lines and edges make larger hands look smaller. At a minimum, you will want to avoid round stones, which make fingers look rounder. This doesn't mean that no rounder shape would be flattering. If you prefer a rounder diamond, an oval or marquise cut would be ideal because they come to a point, thereby creating an angular edge. The Asscher and emerald cuts are among the most rectangular cuts and work especially well at slimming larger fingers. Choosing a center stone in a different color or an uncommon cut, such as a trillion cut, also has a tendency to distract from your hand or finger size.

If you have larger hands, you might prefer an engagement ring that doesn't make your hand appear larger. Carefully selecting a customized engagement ring will allow you to have a ring that's a good fit for your hand. To explore ring options, visit a local engagement ring supplier in your area.


19 April 2023

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