4 Important Points To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Diamond Jewelry


Individuals who purchase diamond jewelry usually know the value of their investments. Diamonds are timeless and can last indefinitely. Many individuals purchase this type of jewelry for special occasions. However, it is commonly bought to enhance the wardrobe of individuals who want to have the "bling effect." Diamonds have been a common choice for wedding rings for over a century. The jewelry designed can be for men or women. Diamonds can be natural or lab created. The following points identify a few things to keep in mind when buying diamond jewelry.

The 4 C's

Everyone who plans to buy diamond jewelry needs a basic understanding of how the quality is determined. The 4 C's are cut, clarity, color, and carat. The cut of diamonds is important because it determines how much light can reflect off of them. This is why some stones appear to shine brighter than others. Clarity involves assessing the defects or flaws of the diamond. Color involves assessing how clear the stones are. Keep in mind that there are colored diamonds too. Carat is the weight of the diamonds. These are basic terms and can be used when inquiring about jewelry pieces or when reading descriptions of an item of interest. 

Metal Choice

There are a variety of metal options for diamond jewelry. Gold and silver are popular. However, there are other options too such as platinum, titanium, or tungsten carbide. The latter is a mix of gold and silver. 


There are several factors that can influence quality. Individuals can start by keeping the 4 C's in mind. Beyond that, they can consider whether to purchase vintage diamond jewelry, which tends to hold its value well. It is also important to note whether the diamonds were created in a lab or naturally cultivated. Diamonds that are created in labs are not a bad purchase option. However, their value is likely to be less than an authentic diamond of the same carats. Some individuals who have quality concerns opt to only buy jewelry that has certified diamonds. These get tested in laboratories to ensure their authenticity. 

Resale Value

Some individuals intend to keep their jewelry indefinitely. They may have plans to will them to loved ones or to pass them down for generations. Others may want to sell their jewelry at a later date. If there are plans to sell, it is ideal to discuss this with a jeweler to ensure that the pieces purchased have the potential to get a higher resale value or at a minimum will retain their purchase value.

A jeweler is a good resource to use to learn more about diamonds. They can help individuals narrow down the best pieces based on why the purchase is being made. Some jewelers also offer custom-made diamond jewelry services.  

For more info about diamond jewelry, contact a local professional. 


25 January 2023

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