The Three C's Of Creating The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring


There will (hopefully) be only one time in your life when you will propose to the lady you want to spend the rest of your life with. Therefore, any old engagement ring just will not do when you want to make a memorable impression. Thanks to the abundance of online jewelry stores and professional jewelers who now offer custom-designed engagement ring options, you have every opportunity to ensure that the ring you reveal when you pop the question is as unique as the person being asked. If you want to create a custom engagement ring that is perfectly suited to only her, you should keep the three C's of unique design in mind.

Color - Gone are the days when the only color a diamond should be in an engagement ring was white or clear. While these classic stones are just as beautiful as ever, perhaps your girl would prefer something a bit more modern. Diamonds are actually available in a myriad of shades and color hues, from stark black to brilliant yellow. Play around with different colored diamonds combined with various metals to narrow down a choice that better reflects the recipient's personal style characteristics.

Craftsmanship - There is nothing saying that the stone you choose should be set in a specific type of band. The options when it comes to band craftsmanship are absolutely endless, especially now that you can even work with a jewelry designer to create a band with your own design ideas. Whether you want to go with a solid engraved band with diamond cuts or something more airy, such as a filigree band that resembles vines, changing up the band with custom embellishments is bound to make an impression.

Complementary - Choosing an engagement ring will be one of the most important jewelry choices you will ever make and the ring will be one of the most valued possessions she will ever own. She will most likely wear this ring every day for the rest of her life, so make sure the end result you have is complementary of her personal style choices. Pay careful attention to the jewelry that she chooses to wear regularly and be sure to follow suit with her engagement ring. Someone who constantly wears classic, vintage-styled pieces is sure to adore a vintage-style engagement ring. On the other hand, if your girlfriend is more into minimalist jewelry, she may be better satisfied with something more contemporary.

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6 April 2016

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