Unconventional Promise Jewelry To Show Your Devotion To Someone Special


If you are planning on buying a promise ring for someone special, consider giving them something a little more unconventional instead. Consider giving a piece of customized jewelry that reflects the personality of the intended recipient, something fresh and distinctive.

Show your devotion with the following jewelry ideas:

Custom rings. Promise rings symbolize that you care about and are dedicated to the person that you give them to; choose custom designed rings that represent the person you are giving it to, in style, stone, and signature. Choose metals like sterling or 14k gold, which will last for an eternity, just like your love!

Cute charms. Charm bracelets are very popular right now and there is a wide-range of cute and clever charms found widely. Select a high-end charm bracelet and add a special charm that sums up how you feel. Ask jewelers and retailers about having charms engraved with your initials or the date to start a gifting-tradition of charms for special occasions.

Precious pendants. Give your special someone a precious pendant, customized or engraved to convey your promise of devotion. Choose gemstones, like ruby or sapphire, or go with unique mother-of-pearl or turquoise pieces. Choose pieces that you love, and that show a bit of your own personality.

Alluring anklets. If you want to send a youthful, trendy message, check out beautiful anklets that are inspired by love. For instance, buy rose-gold anklets with heart charms, engraved plates, or unique dangling trinkets that represent something to you and your beloved. Consider toe-anklets that stretch around the toe to create a wrapped-effect; this is particularly well-suited to someone who enjoys the beach or that goes barefoot frequently.

Love lockets. Show your love with a locket; these never go out of style! Fill the insert with photos, dried flowers, or tiny trinkets and charms that will mean something significant to your recipient. Look for high-quality chains that will hold-up over time and that won't discolor or deteriorate.

Masculine options. If your intended is a man, consider custom jewelry with natural stone, such as onyx, quartz, and tourmaline. These are appealing stones without the glam and price-tag of diamond promise jewelry. Consider cuff-links, tie-clips, ID bracelets, and custom rings, with inlaid stone.

If you are going to buy a promise ring, make it something unique and distinctive. Consider also some alternatives to a ring, such as a charm bracelet or love-locket to show your devotion and express your love to the person you love. 


4 May 2017

Cleaning My Jewelry

After wearing the same jewelry pieces day after day for years, I realized that a few of my favorite items had developed a significant level of grime. I didn't want to look sloppy, so I started to look into ways to tidy them up. I talked to a friend of mine who knows how to clean everything, and she had some really amazing ideas for cleaning tiny chains and little prongs. This blog is all about the art of cleaning fine jewelry, and even tidying up older costume jewelry pieces. You never know, you might be able to make those older baubles sparkle.