Designing The Perfect Bridesmaid Lineup For Your Wedding


Summer is upon us, and that means bring on the weddings! The next few months are popular times to say "I Do," simply because summer offers the best outdoor weather and newly-engaged students are free from classroom and study obligations. If you are recently engaged and in the process of planning your perfect wedding this summer, you're probably already considering who to include in your line-up of bridesmaids. Planning their coordinating wedding attire is almost as much fun as choosing your own gown and accessories. Take a look at how you can make your bridesmaids look fabulous enough to attract attention while not completely stealing the limelight away from you and your new husband.

The Perfect Hair

The perfect wedding hairstyle makes all women more beautiful. Your bridesmaid's hairstyle should be similar in style to your own without surpassing it. For this reason, they should avoid hairstyles that have too much volume and gobs of accessories, especially white ones. Other than this, your girls are free to indulge in a variety of styles from cute messy buns, lovely half up-dos, gorgeous braids and feminine ponytails. What they settle for is dictated by their hair length. If your bridesmaids have a wide range of hair lengths, one way to help them appear more consistent is asking them to all use the same type of hair decoration, such as a pearl hair pin or a single flower in your wedding colors.

The Perfect Jewelry

Similar to hair and hair accessories, your bridesmaids' jewelry should not out-shine your own, and ought to stay relatively simple in nature. Massive amounts of jewelry or large pieces detract from your bridal statement. The jewelry your bridesmaids flaunt on your big day should all match, but does not necessarily have to be similar to your own. If you want, you can allow your girls to mirror your look but on a more modest scale. For example, if you choose a choker-style necklace, your bridesmaids can wear a slimmer version of your choker as well. The same goes for other jewelry options, such as whether your earrings are shoulder length, hoops, or something simple and delicate.

As the bride, you are free to wear as much or as little jewelry and accessories that you wish – this day belongs completely to you – but your bridesmaids should always wear less than you. Lastly, many brides take the opportunity to gift their bridesmaids with a piece of jewelry to wear. This is one way you can dictate how they appear. Contact a jewelry company like House of Harlow for more information.

By coordinating your bridesmaids' hairstyles and jewelry accessories, your bridal line-up will look picture perfect on your wedding day.


29 May 2017

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