"Hidden Cave Of Love" Wedding Bands: What They Are, And Why You Want One


There is a growing trend in designer wedding bands. These trendy new bands have a secret spot in the main wedding band where another stone, usually a colored semi-precious stone, is hidden. Some designers may refer to these rings as "peek-a-boo" rings while other designers refer to them as "hidden cave of love" rings. However, you refer to them, they are a fun, delightful, and romantic way to express your love for your fiancee. Here is more about these unique rings, and why your bride wants one.

Looks Like Most Diamond Rings, With One Exception

All of these rings look like very fancy diamond wedding rings. That is usually enough to make any blushing bride gasp with joy. However, there is an additional, fun secret in these rings. In its own setting just underneath the center diamond is another jewel. Unless your bride-to-be removes the ring to look, or you are looking at the ring from just the right angle, you would never notice this little "cave" under the main diamond. Inside the cave there is a stone that has symbolic meaning.

If there is a little sapphire in the "cave," it means you are true blue and loyal to your sweetheart. If it is a red ruby, it means you love her with all the passion in your heart. If it is an amethyst, you think she is a queen, and you will treat her as such all the days of your life. If you decide to place another diamond in the "cave", it means you will love her for all time and never let her go. (Don't put emeralds in this position, as emeralds are a sign of jealousy! Emeralds can also symbolize fertility, which is not exactly the kind of message you want to send her about how you see her.)

Why Your Bride Wants One

If your bride has not hinted yet that this is the wedding ring set she wants, she only needs to see these rings up close. Designers like Vera Wang and Verragio regularly create rings with these little peek-a-boo caves under the main diamond of the band. Many other designers have followed suit. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find a wedding ring designer who has not followed this trend and made wedding rings even more romantic than it was thought possible. Hundreds of designs are available, if you put all of these types of rings out on a single table.

When your bride sees these rings, the toughest part will be to pick the settings, the carats of diamonds, and the color of the little stone set underneath. Just be sure to ask a jeweler who knows what stone colors mean while your bride-to-be is standing right next to you. Then she can pick the stone color that she feels most represents her and the love you share. There is so much deep symbolism that goes into these rings that you really have to have a story to go with them so that when the ring is explained to others, people will nod in agreement. 

Designing Your Own

Many designers now offer a "design-your-own" service. You can still keep the "hidden cave of love" under the main stone, but rather than choose from the many designs and settings that the designer has already created, you can mix and match features of the rings available to create a uniquely perfect ring. If your fiancee cannot decide because she loves features from various rings in the same collection, take notes on which of those features she loves the most. Then the designer can take your one-of-a-kind design and make your wedding rings for you.


6 March 2018

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