Keys To Having Fine Jewelry Repaired


What makes fine jewelry unique is the premium materials it features, such as titanium and gold. If you have said jewelry and it ever needs to be repaired, follow these protocols to the letter.

Find a Repair Expert That Specializes in Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is very valuable and you thus want to protect these pieces while they're repaired. You'll feel great about this repair process as a whole if you take your time finding a specialty repair expert that works with fine jewelry all the time.

They'll know how to treat the materials that the jewelry pieces include, whether it's titanium, gold, or premium silver. They also know what can happen to fine jewelry in terms of damage, which is key in completing a thorough assessment for a meaningful repair later on.

Get a Repair Breakdown

Whatever fine jewelry piece you're looking to have professionally repaired, it's a good idea to get a repair breakdown before going through with this process. The repair expert should highlight things like the parts they'll treat, the resources they'll use, and the total costs you'll pay.

You can then take these details and compare them with other fine jewelry repair experts, seeing what the best option is. As long as you're okay with the repair process that's explained from start to finish, you can hand over your fine jewelry pieces feeling good about how they'll be treated.

Have Jewelry Inspected Consistently

Even if you can't see damage or problems with your fine jewelry pieces, it's still a good idea to have them professionally inspected on a consistent basis. This is particularly true for jewelry that has pieces that can come off, such as rings with diamonds.

A formal inspection from a professional jeweler will help you pinpoint potential issues you may have missed or just thought were pretty minor. Then a meaningful restoration can take place before you're left dealing with stressful jewelry-related issues. You might also get recommendations from a jeweler for an ideal inspection frequency depending on the fine jewelry that's in your collection.

Fine jewelry pieces are very valuable and you may have several in your collection, such as diamond necklaces and gold earrings. If you ever run into issues with any of these pieces, approach the repair process with patience and key insights. Then you can ensure these pieces are fully restored in a competent manner. 

Contact a jeweler for more information about caring for fine jewelry


7 June 2022

Cleaning My Jewelry

After wearing the same jewelry pieces day after day for years, I realized that a few of my favorite items had developed a significant level of grime. I didn't want to look sloppy, so I started to look into ways to tidy them up. I talked to a friend of mine who knows how to clean everything, and she had some really amazing ideas for cleaning tiny chains and little prongs. This blog is all about the art of cleaning fine jewelry, and even tidying up older costume jewelry pieces. You never know, you might be able to make those older baubles sparkle.