Why You Should Consider A Gold Malachite Ring For Your Anniversary


When it comes to anniversary presents, people can be bad at remembering what exactly the traditional gift-giving theme is for their particular number of years together. While there is never a hard and fast rule that you have to follow to the letter, some guidelines can be helpful in choosing the right gift, particularly for people who otherwise struggle. If you are considering a gift for your partner but don't know what to get and don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, then here are a few reasons why you should consider a gold malachite ring.

Fits Into Multiple Anniversary Boxes

There are a few different wedding anniversaries for which you could choose a gold malachite ring. The traditional year for gold-related gifts is the 50th anniversary, but did you know that many consider the first year after your marriage to be associated with gold as well? Then you also have other related years such as green, jewelry, and jade options, which all appear multiple times on most anniversary lists. Remember, these are just a guide, so if you don't match up one hundred percent correctly, that is totally fine! It is meant to inspire you, not to be a completely steadfast rule of law.

More Budget Conscious

Most people cannot afford to spend tens of thousands or even several hundred dollars on an anniversary present. The good news is that a gold malachite ring can be found in many different budget ranges, but even the most expensive is cheaper than more precious gemstones that you may be familiar with, such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The upside is that malachite is such a strikingly rich color with beautiful tones that it stands with those other, more expensive options as a stunning centerpiece to any jewelry item. 

Goes Together So Well

Green and gold is a color combination that has been known to work well for hundreds of years. The green you find in malachite is not something that is easy to reproduce in any other material, and combined with the rich gold background, it truly is a one-of-a-kind piece that works well in any jewelry rotation. If you know your partner does not have a gold or green piece of jewelry then this is a great gift option, even if it isn't for their anniversary but for another special occasion, such as their birthday, Christmas, or religious occasion. 

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3 November 2022

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