Keys To Having Fine Jewelry Repaired


What makes fine jewelry unique is the premium materials it features, such as titanium and gold. If you have said jewelry and it ever needs to be repaired, follow these protocols to the letter. Find a Repair Expert That Specializes in Fine Jewelry Fine jewelry is very valuable and you thus want to protect these pieces while they're repaired. You'll feel great about this repair process as a whole if you take your time finding a specialty repair expert that works with fine jewelry all the time.

7 June 2022

Recommendations to Help You Choose a Diamond Eternity Ring


Diamonds provide a beautiful way to symbolize forever promises and marriage, and make a beautiful statement on your hand when the stones wrap all the way around an eternity ring. Although they have been around for years, choosing the right diamond is something that is not a common practice that you do every day, and you need to understand some basic elements about the selection process to find the right diamond eternity band.

25 February 2022

3 Reasons To Invest In Slabbed Coins


Coin collectors must consider many variables when deciding whether or not to purchase a coin for their collection. In addition to the type and quality of the coin, collectors must determine if a raw or slabbed coin is a better choice. Slabbed coins are encased in a durable plastic cover. Before you make the choice to bypass slabbed coins for their more affordable raw counterparts, consider the many benefits that a slabbed coin offers.

23 November 2021

Why Adding a Luxury Strand Gold Necklace to Your Collection Is Great Idea


If you love having a jewelry collection, one of the best ways to make your collection even more alluring is to add a luxury strand gold necklace. This can be a worthy investment that can cost as much as or even more than your whole jewelry collection thus far, although you can choose a budget that works best for you. Buy a luxury strand gold necklace online, at your local jewelry store, or try your luck at finding a used gold necklace at your local thrift store or even auction house.

22 July 2021

How To Effectively Part Ways With Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelry is nice to have because of gold's value, but there may be pieces you no longer wear or even think about. These are the pieces you want to consider selling. As long as you take a measured approach to selling these pieces to buyers, you'll have a streamlined experience. Keep Estimating Value Until Sale Concludes The value of gold jewelry can change, even from one day to the next.

22 April 2021

Labradorite: Why Pay Attention To This Gemstone?


Labradorite is a gemstone worth investing in as it carries many benefits to the wearer and has a divine allure when used in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other styles of jewelry. If you want to explore new types of jewelry for your collection and are wanting something more unique and less explored, consider labradorite necklaces and other types of jewelry. Here are some reasons why. Labradorite is visibly stunning If you want a gemstone that has an iridescence to it, then you've likely considered or have even purchased gemstones like opal or moonstone before.

13 January 2021

Should You Ever Do Scratch Tests On Gems?


Heading to a jewelry store to buy gems is usually the best way to ensure that what you buy is real. However, sometimes you want to double check that the gem is the real thing. A scratch test can identify many authentic gems, but that test, obviously, leaves a permanent mark. With that in mind, the question becomes whether or not you should ever do a scratch test to verify if those gems you got are real.

29 September 2020